fredag 1. februar 2013

how to make changes in your life

The key word is incremental changes. I tend to get very inspired and have so many ideas for changes I want implemented in my life. These are not necessarily big changes, but over a long time I think they will have a huge effect.

I want to start every morning by waking up early. I want the first thing I do to be drinking a big glass of water (natural detox). I don't want to start the day of by negative thoughts or distracting aspects as the Internet or the radio. I want to meditate. I want to do yoga. I want to write. And I want to have breakfast in silence, together with my cup of coffee. I also want to read something that inspires me.

This sounds like an awful lot to do before work at 8:30am, and also, it will be a big change compared to how my mornings usually are.

So I take this step by step.

I have started to wake up earlier so that I have more time before leaving to work, and I have managed to implement the glass of water. When it comes to the other things, I try my best do to them. But I do not give up if I am not able to one day. Two minutes of yoga is more than enough for me at this point. I adjust my expectations, knowing it will take time, especially as it is not just my morning routine that has the need for some change.

I do think I have a good life, so I have a very solid base for starting these changes. I am not unhappy. It's just that I have figured out ways to become more healthy, present and I think perhaps, even happier.


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