torsdag 14. februar 2013

channel the energy

Today I discovered perhaps the most important thing that I have learned during my recent personal growth. This new learning has really made an impact on what earlier would be some very tough situations. I have figured out how to channel the negative energy that comes through feelings as disappointment, jealousy [mostly rooted in being betrayed by a close one], frustration, sorrow and so on, into more positive energy. I exploit this energy and channel it into things as yoga, weightlifting and creative exploration [as writing].

The feeling when I realized this new ability of mine, was indescribable. It is a very healthy change. And yes, I always have the potential repression of feelings in the back of my mind, this is not the situtation here.

I am happy despite other people actions. My happiness is not that dependent on other people anymore. That gives me freedom.


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