tirsdag 5. mars 2013

do less, do more

I am truly inspired by this when writing.

How often do you find yourself lacking motivation? Either you wake up in the morning or you're back from work, and you can't seem to do anything useful? You turn on the tv or you go through every webpage you know, updating Facebook every minute. I still do this (fortunately more rarely than earlier in my life) and I see friends doing this. Some friends of mine don't even see that as a problem. But still, I hear them complaining about days just passing by without them being able to do anything particular with them.

I try to not turn on the tv or update my Facebook page that often. I dance or do yoga, trying to feel my body presence through it all. I work with Red Cross to help kids with their homework. I read. I do laundry or clean up my apartment. I have tea with friends. I work 110%. I also take some extra education. I write. I drink water while looking out of the window for 30 minutes every morning, when the world is asleep. I work out several times a week.

People ask me, how do you have the time for all of this?  I say: how much time do you spend asleep or just laying on the couch, especially on your days off? How often do you watch tv? How often are you updating webpages to see if there is anything new? I mean, I still have times when I go back to these habits. And yes, I do think that a lot of it comes from habits, which luckily, can be changed.

I don't want my life to pass in just one big blur.

The article I started out with stated that one way of gaining motivation is to do less everyday. I agree if doing less means doing less of things that don't motivate you or benefit in other ways in your life. I did a lot and then I did less. Now I do more, because I have figured out excactly the things that gives me, and the people around me, a more meaningful life.


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