onsdag 1. mai 2013


One realization I had recently came to me while being in a dance class. I observed myself finding the new choreography being difficult. Yes, observed.

This is how I experienced it at first: For no reason I suddenly became really angry, thinking the instructor did a really bad job creating a new choreography. It was boring, stupid, I wanted to quit, and by the way, all the other people in the class were idiots.

Why this sudden anger, that I by the way know has come to a lot of times before also?

This time was different though. After a moment I realized I am now observing this happening. And that makes a change because suddenly I could see that this reaction came from a feeling of not being able to master the choreography immediately.

After that time I keep observing this happening (also in other situations than dance classes). Because yes, it still happens, but as I am learning to identify the situations and just observe it happening, my reactions last shorter.

Still learning.

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